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If you are interested in any of the sample tracks riffs, ideas or overall melody and percussive patterns then please feel free to contact me and I can customize any of them to fit your needs. My music has been used for radio ads, tv commercials, YouTube edited videos, vocal artists for performing lyrics over them and even specifically for party events. If you cant find what you are looking for here then I am sure we can come up with your style together. All it takes is 1 phone call to 337-303-3753. Ask for Lee (not like anyone else better answer my phone). I will be sure to satisfy your musical needs. We also have both male and female vocalists with a very wide range of pitch and songwriters at your disposal. Your first beat will be $25.00 as a thank you for purchasing music from us so please contact us now for your discount on your first beat from us.
CALL US: (337) 303-3753