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Caleb Morgan – Singer/Songwriter

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Caleb Morgan

The music is coming out the woodwork now! Got my studio setup again after a long move back to Louisiana from South Carolina, met up with my cousin Casey’s fiance and had a blast getting to know him and jamming together. We even used my iPad studio to do some recording and now we have something a bit more professional for you guys to listen to until the next thing comes out. Loving Louisiana!!!!!!!!! Laissez les bon temps rouler

1. takingiteasy     

Got the chance to meet my cousins new love and he came with a whole slew of talent behind him. Not only does he, Zack Morgan, play guitar, sing & write songs but he also introduced me to his cousin Caleb Morgan which does the same yet they both have very unique styles. I got a few rough songs recorded and so far the best one we laid down yet was this song ‘currently’ called “Taking It Easy” which Caleb does all alone and really puts some emotion into it. Hope you guys enjoy what we have so far and as always, be on your toes because there will be more where this came from!

PS: This is one of the first songs produced in my new location that I moved to. Dont worry, there will be a blog post all about that subject coming soon. There is alot to tell! Big things baby, BIG THINGS!