Mastering for NashP

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I did some audio mastering work for a buddy/client of mine that has alot of great music out there that you also must give a listen to! Check all his work out at NASHP.COM and also check out some of the mastering options that I used to master the final song of First Time by Nash P. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments and I will be sure to respond to them asap!

BTW, I used both Adobe Audition and T-Racks to do separate mastering jobs, they both came out similar. Remember its not what piece of software you use, its all in the effects chain and your training in figuring out how to push the frequencies around to get the optimum sound to match main stream music. You know, you want your stuff to sound good, loud and clear. You don’t want the listener to have to turn the volume up or down from one song to the other!