Develon – New Found Love


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  1. Intro
  2. The Recruit
  3. Some Write
  4. The Feeling
  5. Let Em Loose
  6. Crystal Clear Pressure
  7. Vocal Vision Interlude
  8. Vocal Vision
  9. This Damn House
  10. Interlude 1
  11. Get A Look at my Outfit
  12. Eventually
  13. Exes
  14. Reunion
  15. Interlude 2
  16. Mericle
  17. My Accomplishments
  18. Whos Next Whats Next
  19. Interlude 3
  20. Watching Us
  21. Preparation
  22. Greif
  23. Hear Me

Produced by: Damien Benoit
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Damien Benoit
All Beats Created by Damien Benoit
Recorded, & mixed at: 337 Media Studios (Sumter, South Carolina)
Mastered at: 337 Media Studios (Sumter, South Carolina)
Photography & Graphic design by: Develon Douglas
Year Released: 2006

Creative. Passionate. Unique. Descriptions that have been consistently associated with his work. His name is Develon, and YOU are invited to play a part in his life’s latest chapter. This 25 year old Texas native is an avid poet, song writer, photographer, and recording artist. His latest musical project, N.F.L. – New Found Love, not only introduces new audiences to an innovative experience in music, but paints a true to life portrait of the artist himself. Its honest, vivid lyrics and theatrical soundscapes propel listeners into a diverse dimension, discussing topics of depression, death, love, angst, and self-actualization, among many others. Almost a year in the making, N.F.L. is primed to earn a special place in the mind of any fan that has ever enjoyed a sample of Develon’s work.