Recording Artist – King Daze

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Recording Artist


I would like to introduce an artist that I started working with lately that is actually from my hometown. He found one of my beats he liked, the one I used to make a hip hop song previously called “Ay Bo“. Well now it has a new titled called “Messy” with artist Dwight Livings AKA KiNG DAZE spitting his lyrics on it.
He brought a great catchy hook to the table and laid down the rest of the lyrics which he had written previously. It came out great and really didn’t take long to get a decently mixed version out, no longer than just a few hours. Please let the artist know what you think of the song by leaving your comments.

      1. Messy

PS: This is one of the first songs produced in my new location that I moved to. Dont worry, there will be a blog post all about that subject coming soon. There is alot to tell! Big things baby, BIG THINGS!

Be expected to hear more of Daze in future posts as well as SEE with upcoming music video as well as my own short film ideas that I have been developing lately. In other words, no… I’m not dead, sleeping or even just tired of creating Audio, Video & Graphic projects.