King Daze – Messy – Remix

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      1. messy - (Original)


      2. messyremix - Remix

I have been working on alot of projects for local recording artists in the past year, like always, busy as hell. But you cant bitch about being busy as hell when its making you money. Not to mention that its something that wakes me up in the morning and pushes me to move. I love the jobs that I do for a living and thankfully I am at that point in my life now working with great producers and sound systems thanks to Soundboosted systems. I just hope it always goes up hill and very seldom taking a turn back down. But thats not what this post is all about. Remixing songs that I have created previously has been something I have done since the beginning but its never been so easy and so inspiring than the present. Oh, some of you are confused on what a remix is? Ok,

To remix is to recombine an audio tracks to produce a new or modified audio recording you can get from any track after downloading it using a Youtube to Mp3 converter. Remixing is mostly done in the rap and hip-hop category. There are 3 different ways to remix. One way is to just change the background beat, another way is to feature several new people in the song (with or without new vocals), and the last way is to take out and add in new vocals of the original song. All three methods may be used all at once.Wikipedia

So now that you got the idea, wait… Im not thinking correctly. See? Im even typing in the way I would be talking to you outloud. Ok, correct this issue. <shakes computer keyboard> I have been wanting to upload alot more training content as well as free resources from Soundboosted for all you music producers, musicians or just aspiring audio engineers to flock to. I got alot of tricks up my sleeve and right now id like to talk about remixing songs. You interested? Then you better leave me a comment somewhere id see it, like this page.

If any of you want to learn id like to have some ideas from you and even got a few questions like what are some songs you want to try remixing? Or even, How can I remix 2 songs from totally different genres and styles but make the final product sound good? Well leave your comments at the door on the way out and if you can subscribe to my newsletter or leave us a contact on the site then I will add you to the list and you’ll know exactly when these videos are available. That is all for now!