Anything that any other music studio can do, I can accomplish for you. Recording Live bands, sings or just 1 musician. We can take your song from a hummed melody to a high quality orchestrated album from start to finish. Examples


    You want sounds recreated from a melody made with your mouth? Or you want to browse a collection of my beats for something already made? I can create music from scratch for you.


    Take your music to the next level by making sure the mix of sounds all matches each other for a complementary sound and tweak the audio by mastering the project to get the optimal sound for ever experience.


    Create the full kit of graphic elements to create a professional album.


    Need to advertise something on the streets, in business’ or at events? We can design flyers, posters and more to get the word out for you.


    Want to advertise on Facebook and need some cool design images to post? We can handle all of that for you.


    Honestly, if you can see it, I can design it for you. Contact me for more info and even examples.


    Shoot an event or scripted story line & create a feature length video just like any documentary or film you have ever seen before both at home or on the big screen.


    Concept, Storyboard and create a video for your music to further tell the story.


    Able to take any number of clips at any format and edit it all down to 1 cohesive project.


    Act out any performances in front of our Green Screen backgrounds and I can place you in another city, country, in space or even create a totally fake world for you to interact in. I create all the effects work from scratch.

  • Computer Repair

    PC / Mac / Android / Apple / Windows / Linux: I can build one for you to specifications of what your needs are and I can rebuild and repair older machines to still do work for you as well.

  • DJ & Live Performance

    Dj any type of event with cameras & green screen background replacement to broadcast on any online platform & record a DVD for future viewing.


    Dj, Live Stream & shoot video for your wedding as well as a full production of you and your loved ones life experiences and more.


    Ever wanted your own LIVE NEWS show? I could make that happen for you.

I have pondered and trialed a lot of different ways to allow you guys to know everything I can accomplish for you based upon all previous client projects, passion projects and any other thing I have created. Just keep in mind that no matter what you see available to you from this list, please keep your mind open and away from any box and know that I like a new challenge and am willing to bark on anything new to me in order to create the product you are looking for. Whether it’s a short film, motion graphic 3D SCI FI blockbuster commercial, music video, poster, album cover, flyer, business card, fake ID (legal) or an acoustic folk song, fresh new hip hop beat sound, rock anthem AND a full album of your thoughts turned into 1 complete 13 tracks score pulled straight from the visions of your childhood, I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! At least I always strive for that goal and will do the same for YOU! If you are at all confused from this list or have something you want created either as digital as well as printed art, design work, advertisement flyers, studio recording time, videography, photography or anything else you could see with your eyes or hear listen to with your ears, then give me a call and I can help.