• Video Editing

    How to create all types of videos from using software to edit and design graphics and animations as well as creating short films or advertisement videos

  • Making Music

    Learn techniques to making hip hop beats all the way to how to structure music as well as designing lyrics and melody to create a certain feel in your music and how to grow as an artist.

  • Playing Instruments

    Learning Notes and playing chords on Guitar, playing drums or Piano

  • Graphic Design

    Color, Typography, Vector 3D, Layout and more. Learn how to design flyers, business cards, logos and lots more elements of design.

  • 3D Modeling

    Learn how to model 3d logos and objects , how to texture objects and logos and how to light your scenes and create animation in 3D.

  • And More

    I have made so many different types of videos teaching you how to do more things that I can even list. Just go through the playlist at the top of this page to see the types of videos I have made.