Its a Photo world, can you picture that?

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This day in age everyone takes photos. I mean, you could say that everyone is a photographer. I wouldn’t say there everyone is a good photographer but they all think they are. Apps on your phone like Instagram for example, make is so easy to take photos and make them look alot better using filters and then really easy to post them on any or ALL of the social networks we are all part of. So now the pictures worth 1000 words just flood our lives. I’m not saying there is something wrong with that. I’m just saying it. Its great that we all have 100’s of pictures of one moment and that’s getting bigger and bigger. When I want to see what my hometown looked like before I was born, well, wish me luck because there isn’t much out there that I can find. Trust me, I have been looking for historic photos for years now and find very few. But our children and our children’s kids and further down the line are all going to have the ability to see too much of their past and before their time. Is that a good thing or is it a bad thing? Well that just depends on how much stuff you want to share with the world. Remember, once its online, its there forever. Don’t think you can put something online and delete it right after and its GONE. Not at all, all those things you deleted will come back to haunt you. Once its online, its there forever. Even if you cant find it, its there. MUHAHAHA. So, my point here is, try to take the best pictures you can and try not to post up things you might regret in life. Remember to think before you act, ALWAYS. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. And….. ACTION!

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Making CD's pop out my toaster like whut!!!!

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