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How To: Build Your Own Studio

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EVERYTHING LISTED TO START YOUR OWN STUDIO IS MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION ON THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND THE BEST PRICE, Especially with Ethan being meticulous and wanting perfection. He could learn  to produce his own music and get it just like he likes it in the comfort of his own home. I would be able to even come teach him anything he would like to learn about music production.


    2. AUDIO INTERFACE (2 or more XLR / TRS (1/4) inputs, Phantom Power (if using a condensor mic) & MIDI in / out)
    3. MICROPHONE (condensor or dynamic) & MIC STAND
    4. PIANO or MIDI Keyboard (with MIDI I/O )
    5. STUDIO MONITORS (or good headphones)
    6. Music Production Software (and the knowledge to use & master it easily accessible through GOOGLE searches and YOUTUBE videos

It really only takes a decent computer & audio interface that would have at least 2 inputs as well as MIDI in/out. You would also want either a MIDI Controller (keyboard with USB) that has lots ofextras like drum pads, knobs and faders to help with engineering and controlling your music like this one:
Or you could easily use a piano you have already as long as there is a MIDI in & out connection in which you would need an audio interface thats USB to connect that to the computer. And if you dont have any MIDI in and OUT on a computer but do on a piano, you can get a MIDI to USB converter like this one: Looking for a piano that would perfectly fit your studio? Check out these top brands in piano manufacturing.
A great audio interface for a computer is the M-Audio Fast Track:
(You can plug in 2 mics, or 2 guitars or pianos in as well as having MIDI in/out ports for it. It has great quality and audio OUTPUT that you would want to connect to some studio monitors or some decent headphones for listening, mixing & monitoring.

And then for recording professional vocals you will want ‘condensor’ microphone (these mics require ‘Phantom Power’, the M-Audio Fast Track Audio Interface has phantom power and most other audio interfaces for a computer do as well. These mics pick up very very well and are omni directional so it can pickup all around. Learn how forensic watermarking can protect your music from piracy.

There are dynamic microphones that are one directional mics, mostl used for live performance since its up close to your mouth and only pics up in that distance. Great mics though. A microphone pop filter is a device used to protect mic capsules from plosive energy. Why is important use a pop filter? A pop filter helps to eliminate the popping sound associated with gusts of air from the human voice and other sources. Pop filters work by dissipating transient sound energy between a sound source and mic capsule.


TTL: $913.95

Last but not least you ned the software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in order to use all your connected devices and record, add fx’s, and edit all the audio you record. There are tons of them and some programs out there are even free like a basic one called Audacity. We used Presonus Studio One (which is located in Baton Rouge, LA) to record all the songs for Ethan Hunts Album. here is Propellerhead’s Reason which is a DAW / SEQUENCER, there is Ableton Live which is perfect for production songs and then using the software to do live performances and impromptu versions of your songs, freestyles & looping (its my favorite)  and a brand new one similar to Ableton called BitWig Studio

And last but not the most important thing is acoustics. Sound proofing is important using condensor mics, but instruments and dynamic mics fairly bleed extra audio into your track. Find everything you need on and start creating. You can go as easy as placing a thick blanket over your head and the mic when recording vocals. If you are a beginner musician, getting the right instrument from the start is something worth considering. But with the saturated online market space that offers diverse instruments like amazon violin has a comprehensive fiddle kit that is great as a beginner violin for all students., in terms of size, tone, and price, this can be a difficult decision to make.

PS: Im more than happy to help him get on his way to creating his own music for a tiny fee of getting him to play some piano on some of my songs! Like I said, I love music period and especially teaching others all the things you can do with audio.

Now that may seem like a lot of money but for what your able to do in recording music becomes priceless fast. Not to mention you can take on studio jobs and make all that money back quick, And if your smart enough, you might find some free music software out there! Make sure to visit to find all the technology equipment you need to create your space.
PS: Be Prepared for my new Living Room/Lounge Area Studio Setup. Taking Pictures & Recording Videos now so thats coming soonphoto
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