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Minecraft Map – Our Old Servers

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POSTED ON May 24, 2015 @ 2:55 :
I have been playing the game minecraft for years now and its crazy to be saying “years” already. That game came quick and slammed on my brain. Not to mention I’m getting old so time goes faster and my brain can’t take the usual slams anymore, lol. But I played Minecraft so much that it gave me dreams of the game nonstop. I even wrote 2 songs about the game.

I ended up buying a hosting server and hosted a pretty big map that was at the directory ‘http://minecraft.337studios.com” but I have since got rid of the website. I haven’t gotten rid of all my maps I have created through the time. Obviously I had a lot of help from some great people who I met while playing that I am still friends with today.

Map Collection

  • My Very First Map

    Zip - 752 MB - [DOWNLOAD]

  • Map Backup (Oct 2011)

    Zip - 783 MB - [DOWNLOAD]

  • Server Map (Oct 2011)

    Zip - 752 MB - [DOWNLOAD]

  • Custom Maps

    Zip - 157 MB - [DOWNLOAD]

  • Side Show Maps

    Zip - 27.9 MB - [DOWNLOAD]

  • Fat Bob Server Map

    [ Download Coming Soon ]

Server Map Image

4.29 MB JPG Image ( JPEG )

3.66 MB JPG Image ( JPEG )

55.7 MB PNG Image ( PNG )

In other words, that game brought a lot of great things for me. Connected me with friends and not to mention my two kids that loved to play Minecraft with daddy! I got high up there in the minecraft server rankings though we did not advertise or try to promote the server much just to keep it small. Kotako even picked up a story online about one of our creations in the game. Now at the time, that was the biggest online gaming blog out there, not sure as time goes by which will top the charts but still.

-Kotako Link

Skettalee - Rap Song


Minecraft, Stuck in my head. Minecraft dreams while im laying in bed.
Minecraft, building with blocks. Minecraft baby, gotta break up the rocks.
Minecraft, roam the damn land. Minecraft's cool even with a stick hand.
Minecraft! DOWNLOAD the GAME. You dont even gotta, Play it in your browser, man!

I went as far as creating 3D models for any 3D application so you can create your own movies using minecraft looking characters and textures. I hosted that and gave it to people. I made an online video series called “Jesus and a Monster” in which me and another friend roamed the minecraft server I owned and found fun things to do.


( Maxon Cinema 4D, 3D MAX, Blender & more )
  • 3D World Import [ Download 7.92 MB ]  –  (A small version of a game map)
  • Minecraft Character [ Download 73.9 KB ]  –  ( My first attempt at modeling the main char )
  • Minecraft Character 2 [ Download 88.2 KB ]  –  ( Better done Character Model )
  • FULLY RIGGED Minecraft Character [ Download 106 KB ]  –  ( Character rigged and ready for animated movement )
  • Minecraft Monster Fight Scene [ Download 1.19 MB ]  –  ( A full modeled creation of monsters and characters with a scene )
  • Game Axe [ Download 2.58 MB ]  –  ( The mining ax you all love some much )
  • My Pet Wolf [ Download 730 KB ]  –  ( The much loved wolf / dog of minecraft )

All files included in any zip are .OBJ & .C4D 3D model file formats. You can place these models anywhere you like and even animate them to create your own home videos. If you do create something, please leave a comment or find some way to get me a link because I really would like to see them and showcase more of other people’s work using my models. So go out and have some fun with all this minecraft stuff I have uploaded here. Don’t forget to tell your friends and enjoy playing minecraft as well!Damien L Benoit


(online series)
  • Ended up getting player characters to take part in building trapped buildings and mazes for us to go through on our episodes. To sum it all up, it was a blast and I know for sure that MINECRAFT is way more than just a game.

    I even created a really short film using the machinima way to record the game play while we used the game as a virtual film studio to make props and create a few short videos. I’m going to end that here and give everyone access to all our creations and fun times that we had while playing minecraft. If you haven’t played, go enjoy your adventure and report back. Thanks for reading!


Last but never least, some of the great members that helped contribute to our minecraft adventures:
greasy_joe, skettalee, roorback5, terenton, cursor, stuwk08, IMakeGames, Tumenor, Bloodfetus, XTDshadow, pro_tag, the_unknown, Fauvist22, Internut & many more, so if I forgot you, leave a comment!

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